ka rainy landscape without puddles, but rather a temperate and playable green climate. they knew that Saarbrücken Especially after a wetland loomed over the city during most of this season's cup rounds, for example when the great Bayern and Borussia Mönchengladbach were defeated.

The current eleventh placed team in the third Bundesliga is dreaming of a new blow in the first cup semi-final against its unpopular Palatinate neighbour, 1. FC Kaiserslautern, who, as sixteenth placed team in the second Bundesliga, is very worried about relegation. After the previous highlights, at least some fans of the black and blue expected a new success for their team against the Palatinate team, which in these special circumstances was considered equally strong. But Saarbrücken's projections did not work in this mediocre duel.

In the end, Kaiserslautern surprisingly won 2-0 against the Saarbrücken team, which was very nervous shortly before the goal, thanks to Marlon Ritter's header shortly after the break and Aaron Opoku's header after a quarter of an hour. before the end. “Today we had the luck we needed,” said Kaiserslautern coach Friedhelm Funkel: “But the team was patient.”

The Palatinate will play its third cup final this Wednesday afternoon against the winner of the second semi-final between Bundesliga leaders Bayer 04 Leverkusen, who have never been defeated this season, and third-placed second division Fortuna Dusseldorf.

The practical test on Tuesday afternoon in front of almost 2,000 FCK fans and 14,000 FCS fans in the sold-out Ludwigsparkstadion was largely tough and unpleasant. Little football, a lot of fighting, few ideas, a lot of shooting. Football aesthetes did not spend their money waiting for the only opportunity worth watching. The most active Saarbrücken team had this only opportunity of the first half, when center forward Brünker caused danger with a header that skimmed the goal after a free kick from Gaus shortly before the break (42nd).

I enjoyed the moment: Kaiserslautern coach Friedhelm Funkel

I enjoyed the moment: Kaiserslautern coach Friedhelm Funkel

Image: Reuters

Otherwise, the first round lacked spirit and ideas on both sides. The Palatinate team in particular enjoyed the destructive role of not even allowing the Sarrens to counterattack against the Bundesliga teams, which is often worth watching. The fans who wanted to see good football had hope in the second half.

There wasn't much football to see, but at least there was an early goal for the Lauterers, who had not yet come into play. Former Frankfurt player Touré crossed from the right, the burly playmaker Ritter held his head without having to jump and goalkeeper Schreiber let this attempt pass safely between his legs (53'). About twenty minutes later, the goal scorer was able to celebrate as a scorer. He also scored with a header after a free kick from Puchacz (75th). This meant that the match was decided by the most experienced team. “That hurts a lot. We don't have to lose the game. We are making a mistake,” Saarbrücken coach Rüdiger Ziehl later told ARD.

FCK can now plan a trip to Berlin. Coach Funkel knows the thrill of a cup winner as a player, which he enjoyed in 1985 with Bayer Uerdingen in the then sensational 1-0 victory over the heavy favorites Bayern Munich. His Lauterers now hope the outsider gets a rare chance in such a final, should Faith be able to displace Betzenberge.


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