She's an old soul”: 29-year-old Mona invites you to the finale of “Dinner” in a 200-square-meter apartment

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Although the rest of the “Perfect Dinner” in Celle are significantly older than Mona, the 29-year-old group fits perfectly. The reason is clear to “Lo”: “He is an old soul.”

Unlike California investment diva Ingelore alias “Lo” (68), who appeared at dinner parties in either a hipster hat or a gold wrap dress, heating systems specialist and soul DJ Eric (49) and Andrea (57) are decidedly youthful. ), who commutes between Celle and his daughter who lives in Australia, the host of the final night has “arrived” much more: Mona (29) lives with her boyfriend Florian (36) for a few weeks in an impeccably furnished house. 200 square meter apartment south of Celle. Apart from a few horses in the paddock, there is no one to be seen. “We don't have direct neighbors,” the orthopedic cobbler proudly explains, “I just like it.”

According to Lo, it's no wonder, because Mona has certainly lived several lives on this earth: “She's an old soul,” he explains soulfully: “Despite her young age, she fits in wonderfully with us.”

Mona's relationship also follows classic structures: “She cooks better than me and creates chaos. “Then I clean,” explains the jovial Florian. The partner hired as a “cutting assistant” meticulously carries out the work steps in the posted list (“Flor's cutting plan”). Based on this, a wonderful menu is created with the motto: Feel good

  • Appetizer: potato / lemon / lamb salad / chorizo
  • Main course: beef / potato / rosemary / cranberry / parsnip
  • Dessert: apple / cranberry / salted caramel / walnut

Opinions differ on the main course

For starters, there's potato-lemon soup with lamb's lettuce pesto and chorizo ​​crunch. “A bit mushy,” notes the perfectionist Eric, but the taste is innovative: “I've never eaten it like that before,” marvels Andrea. Mona chose prime rib meat as the “star” of her main course: “It's usually used as soup meat, but it's at least as good as rump.” Still, opinions differ: “I don't like it,” says vegetable fan Lo. “Smooth as butter,” enthuses Eric. The red wine cheese tastes good to everyone, and the layered dessert made of curd, salted caramel sauce and apple-cranberry puree (Mona: “I have an extra stomach for dessert”) is downright impressive.

And so Mona can almost catch up with leader Eric with 28 points. He wins the shortened week with the highest score of 30 points and can't believe it: “Fat, fat, fat… are you crazy or what?” The Celler group approaches the future pragmatically and sociably. In June, everyone will get together for the 30th birthday of the “old soul”. For Lo, it's the perfect time for another highlight: “We'd like to see a marriage proposal.”

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The original of this article “29-year-old Mona invites you to the finale of “dinner” in a 200-square-meter apartment” is from Teleschau.

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