Tesla has a problem with a lack of coffee cups at its factory in Grünheide. According to reports from the Handelsblatt newspaper and the German Press Agency, a total of 65,000 coffee cups have been missing for some time.

At a company meeting, plant manager André Thierig spoke about this and mentioned the figure. “Statistically, each of you already has five Ikea coffee cups at home,” Thierig said there. The Handelsblatt newspaper cited a recording of the working meeting.

According to the internal presentation, however, the plant manager referred to the missing cups and the statistical number as a smiling classification that was not intended as a reproach. He not only talked about the coffee cups, but also, for example, about a new gym for the approximately 12,000 employees.

It is not yet clear whether mugs will be purchased.

Over time, Tesla bought numerous coffee cups for employees. It is not clear where they ultimately went. However, the phenomenon is also occurring at other companies. It is not yet clear whether the cups will be bought back. Since cutlery has also disappeared from the small tea kitchens, they should no longer be available there. The car manufacturer has also introduced reusable cups.

More than two years ago, Tesla opened its only electric car factory in Europe in Grünheide near Berlin, under the direction of company boss Elon Musk. Production has yet to be expanded. An approval process has already been initiated for the federal state of Brandenburg.