inside is not only one of the best games on game pass but quite possibly one of the best games you ll ever play dark unsettling and unwilling to explain anything to the player playdead s wildly inventive 2d puzzle platformer isn t a particularly long game but it s perfectly designed and there s barely a sequence that isn t memorable and as for the incredible ending well people are still talking about that years after the game first released

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if your xbox profile is associated with an active game pass membership you ll get an in game notification the next time you log into any one of riot s games notifying you when your benefits are unlocked in some cases the unlock process can take up to 24 hours once your benefits are ready you ll see all of the content you unlocked in your in game collections with the rewards program indicator for as long as your xbox game pass membership remains linked and active

a racing game that s just as fun for hardcore speedsters and people who don t usually like racing games forza horizon 5 offers customisable races a moreish collect a thon of beautiful cars and a varied open world version of mexico that s fantastically well designed

whether you re looking for your next month long obsession or just a way to burn a lazy sunday afternoon here s a curated selection in no partiuclar order of the best game pass games for xbox and pc

better yet subscribers of xbox game pass ultimate also have the january 2023 games with gold titles to enjoy at no extra cost if all those new games you got for christmas just aren t doing it any more there is plenty to look forward to

mechanically it doesn t stray far from conventional jrpg elements but it s such a flashy game with so much style and panache it feels remarkably modern it goes to show how far art direction can go in making a game world come alive the story follows a group of high school students each with their ambitions and plots working together to curb the wicked intentions of the surrounding adults despite its staggeringly long runtime it still feels like a spoiler to go into much more detail than that56618633131676921607925947677920445651835494611952539954158156169688479438243186641711208894818991716037000464149413327911967917945407111834432718920231627950973466018392941024566330262473674032219402

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