Find: Such a 500-kilogram bomb was discovered in Wiesbaden
Image: dpa

A bomb is found in Wiesbaden. Several thousand people have to leave their houses and apartments. It is already clear when the bomb will be defused.

NAbout 10,000 people had to leave their apartments and houses on Wednesday after the bomb was found in Wiesbaden's Biebrich district. The 500-kilogram bomb is expected to be defused or detonated no later than Wednesday around 12 p.m., the city said Tuesday night. “This requires an evacuation of the area by 9 a.m. on Wednesday, April 3,” it said.

The bomb was discovered earlier during construction work. Evacuation within a radius of about 1,000 meters is necessary for decontamination or controlled demolition. Additional details will be communicated to citizens as soon as they become available.

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