A 59-year-old man from Freiburg tried to smuggle a luxury motorhome he bought in Switzerland into Germany and thereby avoid import duties worth 126,000 euros. This is what the SWR reports. This attempt has failed and the man will have to face high costs. According to the customs investigation office in Stuttgart, he now has to pay 146,000 euros in back taxes and fines.

According to customs officials, the man bought the 16-ton motorhome in Switzerland for 390,000 euros. To avoid high customs and tax charges, he claimed to have moved his main residence to Switzerland. To do this, he rented an apartment from the Swiss salesman's wife.

The man has to pay 146,000 euros

After a year, he stated that he wanted to return to Germany and registered the mobile home as a relocation property. He wanted to avoid import taxes by doing this.

But customs investigators discovered the man. After investigations it was possible to show that he, in fact, had never lived for long in Switzerland. Therefore, the man, CEO of a company, must pay, in addition to the taxes owed, a fine of 20,000 euros for tax evasion, bringing the total to 146,000 euros, SWR reports.

Woman uses sandwich bag to smuggle luxury goods

Recently, another person attempted to smuggle goods from Switzerland to Germany. As the Stuttgarter Zeitung reports, a woman wanted to smuggle jewelry worth more than 10,000 euros into Germany. In her purse she also had 4,000 euros in cash. Some of them I had partially stored in sandwich bags. Since she had not declared the goods, criminal tax proceedings were initiated against her. She also had to pay additional import duties of around 2,400 euros.