FThe child was rescued almost 60 hours after a landslide killed many people in the southern Philippines. The girl was found as rescue workers searched for survivors with bare hands and shovels in the town of Masara on the southern Philippine island of Mindanao, local disaster manager Edward Macapili told the AFP news agency on Friday. According to the Philippine Red Cross, the child was three years old.

Macapili spoke of a “miracle” and gave hope to the rescuers. “A child's endurance is usually lower than that of adults, but the child survived,” he continued.

A video was shared online showing a rescue worker holding a crying child covered in mud. “We can see on social media that the child had no visible injuries,” Macapili said. He continued that the father saw the girl before she was taken to the medical facility for a check-up.

The landslide caused by heavy rain occurred on Tuesday evening. Houses were destroyed and three buses and a minibus were swept away. At least 27 people were killed and 89 people were still missing on Friday. According to the authorities, there were also more than 30 injured.