NTwo Germans went missing after an avalanche on Ecuador's Cayambe volcano. One Ecuadorian is also missing following the accident in the northern part of the Andean country, local fire chief Edwin Llugsi said at a press conference on Friday. Rescue services are doing everything they can to find the three missing people, but the conditions for a rescue operation on Cayambe are not optimal at the moment.

The avalanche occurred early Friday morning (local time) at an altitude of about 5,700 meters. The Ecuadorian Association of Mountain Guides said two of its mountain guides saw the rope team fall into a crevasse on the route normally used to climb Cayambe. One of the mountain guides tried to contact the victims, but did not get a response.

The 5,790-meter-high Cayambe volcano is located about 60 kilometers northeast of Quito, the capital of Ecuador. It is covered by an ice sheet up to 50 meters thick at the summit. Rescue workers from Cayambe, Quito and Ambato, specialized in mountain operations, are involved in the search for buried victims.

Ecuador's Environment Ministry announced that the Cayambe-Coca National Park, which was also damaged, is temporarily closed to visitors due to the avalanche.