He's supposed to be the celebrity. Bundesliga-The footballer promised profits through his participation in a marketing company that were not even possible. As the Prosecutor's Office presented at the beginning of the trial on Thursday, there are a total of 17 crimes between September 2017 and March 2019.

In more than a year and a half, the footballer paid sums between 13,000 and 200,000 euros to the accused or his partner. According to the prosecution, the money was used exclusively to finance the life of the German defendant. According to the court, it will be difficult to prove where the money really ended up. Therefore, the procedure could be suspended under certain conditions.

However, Wolf himself did not file a criminal complaint.

In total, the footballer spent around 1.4 million euros, two investments in one. Turkish The marketing company flows. Among other things, a trip to Germany was to be carried out through this company. Brazilian The footballer Ronaldinho organized himself for an advertising campaign for energy drinks. But this agreement never occurred.

However, the footballer did not file a criminal complaint. In the end, the investigation was carried out on suspicion of money laundering, as large amounts were periodically transferred, withdrawn and probably sent to Turkey. In examining the charges, the court had already seen numerous indications that the company owner could be the real fraudster in the case. For this reason, the regional court did not initially open the procedure. The Higher Regional Court in Hamm objected, so the trial began on Thursday.

The process would sink for 30,000 euros

However, the court also saw difficulties in conducting a thorough collection of evidence on the first day of the hearing. After consulting him, he proposed suspending the process if the accused paid 30,000 euros and waived compensation for about five months of detention. The reasons: Important witnesses are abroad and have not yet received the summons for the trial. Other witnesses would not have to incriminate themselves because they could be involved in possible fraud and could refuse to testify. On this basis it is difficult to determine the truth.

If the prosecutor and the accused accept the proposal, the process would end prematurely. Otherwise, the district court will continue the trial on April 18.