Ruma the bearded monkey sits on a tree near an apartment building in the Reudnitz district of Leipzig.
Image: dpa

Police suspect that the monkey was released after the alleged theft due to a public alert. The runner noticed Ruma, who in the meantime ran into the apartment building.

DRuma, a bearded monkey stolen from Leipzig Zoo a few days ago, has been found. The 15-year-old female was sitting in a tree near the apartment building, the zoo said Thursday. The runner informed the police. The zoo team then went out to the animal, which had meanwhile run into the residence.

According to the preliminary inspection, the monkey is doing well, explained zoo director Jörg Junhold. “There are no visible external injuries, but he appears to be weakened.”

The police suspect that the monkey was released after the theft due to public notification. He stated that the investigation of particularly serious thefts continues.

The absence of the animal was discovered on Easter morning. According to the zoo, the enclosure had clear signs of a break-in. The companion of the stolen monkey, a 12-year-old male, remained unharmed at the facility.

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