“I'm actually the one who believes in myself the least,” explains Dieter Bohlen. “It's not at all true that I think I'm the best. I have an inferiority complex rather than megalomania.” RTL gave Dieter Bohlen a teleporter for his 70th birthday. The station has the composer and singer to thank for the success of its formats “Deutschland sucht den Superstar” and “Das Supertalent”. As a reminder: Tötensen's man is the most successful German composer and has written 22 number one hits. DSDS is for Bohlen a real gold mine. As a judge he evaluates singers, signs them, writes them hits and makes money. As a DSDS juror, Bohlen always found extremely clear words.

“Unhappy, dissatisfied, unbalanced”

“I was a bit of a revolutionary. A lot of people had problems with that,” he says on RTL. “But if you want a lion, you have to know that he also bites. “I'm totally going through it.” But he is always authentic. “Everyone who meets me in the toilet knows that I am who I am.” RTL plays Bohlen's older interview. Dieter then explains exactly what Dieter is like – namely “unhappy, dissatisfied, unbalanced”, in short: “I am a completely disgusting person!” Bohlen apparently does not mean his self-criticism very seriously. His life partner and assistant Carina Walz sees him a little differently: “He is the boss for us. He respects my opinion but knows the plan. I like his strength, his fighting nature.

Carina is an “honest woman”

Dieter Bohlen has been with Carina for 18 years. “I think Dieter found in me the love he was looking for,” says Carina, with whom Dieter Bohlen has two of his six children. What Dieter admires about this woman is that she is honest. On their first dates, he said she was “too old” for him and he couldn't do anything with her. Bohlen pleased: “It flew under my radar. That's what I was looking for, an honest woman.» Wedding bells will soon be ringing. Bohlen had more difficulties with another woman, namely “Nörchen”, as he calls her. Of course, this refers to Thomas Anders' wife Nora, with whom he scored five consecutive number 1 hits in the German singles charts in the 80s as Modern Talking.

“My lyrics are a bit simple”

“A girl came in at some point and completely monopolized my Thomas,” Bohlen remembers. “She was dependent on him.” Bohlen went on to say that he knew Modern Talking would end soon. In 1987 it actually ended. Anders and Bohlen did not communicate for eleven years, then the blonde convinced the dark man to re-release a duet with old hits, which Bohlen gave a modern twist. “The only thing that wasn't good was our internal relationship. We didn't get along, which is just bad,” Bohlen said, commenting on the new ending. So Bohlen reinvents himself and goes on stage alone as Blue System. Although he said that “squealed all the time” during Modern Talking, her voice is now darker. The plan works – even “even if my lyrics are a bit simple”.

“I always ran the extra mile”

The teleportation also shows Bohlen at his softer side. When Carina addresses the children with harsh, instructive words, her family is a diplomat who calms the situation down, she explains. He keeps his children completely away from the public anyway. “I keep my children away from absolutely everything. I have a responsibility. I want them to be able to decide for themselves.” He owes his career primarily to hard work and luck. “It also comes with luck. But fortunately, you also have to prepare. I always ran the extra mile. I tried and did it until it worked.” Bohlen produced 120 compositions in six years until the hit was finally released. “I almost had to take over my father's road construction company.” He is also very sensitive, she explains. After DSDS shows, he often meditates late at night. “I roll around in bed,” Bohlen says, adding, “Sometimes you just don't look like you are.”