Here and there over the past few years there have been all sorts of speculations about that of Adèle relationship with sports agent Rich Paul. Last weekend gave even more.

HAS Weekends with Adèle Residency in Las Vegas on Saturday September 16 (as AND Remarks), Adele walked through the audience and chatted with fans. A participant asked if Adèle wanted to marry them and the singer replied: “You can’t marry me: I’m straight, my love, and [my] my husband is here this evening, he is here.

This follows a show in Vegas in August during which Adele said: “I really want to become a mom again soon“, noting that she and Paul were considering the idea of ​​having a baby. She added, “I actually write lists. Every time I see a name that I like, I write it on my phone.

This time last year, there was speculation that Adèle and Paul had married in secret. In an Instagram post from Adele, some fans noticed that in the background of one of the photos was a personalized Rummikub game with a label saying “The Paul’s,” which seemed to suggest that Adele and Paul were married. But even today, neither Adèle nor Paul have publicly confirmed that they are officially husband and wife.

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