In high demand: Adele, here in Los Angeles in 2022
Image: Picture Alliance

Pop singer Adele will give ten concerts in Munich in August. This means that the demand of 2.2 million ticket seekers is far from being met. Maybe it's time for a residency like Adele's in Las Vegas?

IThere is increasing evidence of major consolidation in the pop music industry. After the American singer Taylor Swift managed to occupy the top 10 with her songs on the hit parade and she just received her fourth Grammy for album of the year, it is at least surprising that once is not everything. revolves around Swift, but also again about the British singer Adele.

In August, they play a whopping ten concerts in Munich. At first only four were planned, then more and more came; Organizer Live Nation talks about unique demand. 2.2 million people registered to sell tickets. However, the arena specially built for Adele in the Munich exhibition center can hold “only” 80,000 people, so many interested parties will probably come away empty-handed.

Perhaps Adele could have a “residency” in Munich as well as in Las Vegas, where she performs every weekend at “Caesar's Palace” until June, and where the band U2 is currently promoting the residency concept in a hyper-modern concert hall, “Kera” leads to new dimensions. The demand for Adele in Munich is apparently so high that she is not planning any more concerts this year in continental Europe, where she has not performed since 2016. According to other media, the width of Adele's Arena stage will be 220 or even 300 meters. Sounds like a fancy place to live.