DThe AfD failed with an urgent motion against a passage in the 2022 Federal Office for the Protection of the Constitution report. According to a decision published on Wednesday by the Berlin Administrative Court, the federal government was allowed to write in the report that the AfD had an extremist potential of around ten thousand people or 30 to 40 percent of all AfD members. The AfD wanted to have this passage deleted from the Office for the Protection of the Constitution report.

As the administrative court ruled, the Federal Ministry of the Interior is entitled to inform the public about efforts against the free democratic basic order if there is sufficiently serious factual evidence to do so. This is also permissible in the suspicion phase.

Potential for right-wing extremism among some AfD members

In the case of the AfD, the requirements are met. There are actual indications of sufficient weight that some of the AfD members have the potential for right-wing extremism. A correct reference was made to the strength of the now officially dissolved so-called wing around the Thuringian AfD chairman Björn Höcke.

The dissolution of the wing did not mean that the potential for right-wing extremism disappeared. The estimate of around ten thousand members is not arbitrary. According to the administrative court, the AfD has already lodged a complaint against the decision on the urgent application with the Berlin-Brandenburg Higher Administrative Court.