DThe AfD party leadership continues to discuss the Petr Bystron case. After the Bundestag member and candidate in second place on the list for the European elections had to declare himself to the Federal Executive Board within a publicly announced deadline, trust in him does not seem to have been restored. As a spokesman for the FAZ said, there should be no official statements before Monday; On this day, Bystron is supposed to speak to the Federal Executive Board on the telephone switchboard.

The “Bild” newspaper reported that Bystron should be advised to withdraw from the active European election campaign and not take up the mandate after the election; the list itself can no longer be changed. It was also said that he should not be seen at Bundestag debates for the time being.

The AfD co-chairwoman Alice Weidel had previously expressed unease about Bystron, who had attended many appointments outside the official program on a joint trip to Moscow. He also tried to guide her to such appointments. But she kept her distance, according to the “Bild” report.

Investigations against Bystron

The Munich public prosecutor's office has started preliminary investigations against Bystron, but did not want to speak of an initial suspicion on Friday. Maximilian Krah, the AfD's top candidate for the European elections, maintains that the presumption of innocence applies to Bystron, his spokesman told the FAZ on Friday. Krah's recommendation to Bystron to withdraw from the election campaign only referred to the fact that he initially ” to ward off attacks. AfD co-chair Tino Chrupalla told the German Press Agency that Bystron would have to decide for himself whether he still wanted to appear in the election campaign.

Bystron is accused of receiving money through the Russian propaganda network “Voice of Europe”. Both he and Krah were in contact with the operators. According to research by a Czech newspaper, there are said to have been payments – in Bystron's case, this was proven by audio recordings, according to the report. Bystron denied the allegations. The “Voice of Europe” case will also be discussed in the Bundestag’s Interior Committee next Wednesday.