“Yes, my husband is 34 and I'm 50,” she explains with a wink in a video interview with radio station Jam FM. “We are aware of that.” But he doesn't understand why some people have to keep harping on it and can get really nasty.

Thomas Gottschalk made a disparaging comment about the love between Heidi Klum and Tom Kaulitz

As an example, he cites the legend “Wetten, dass…?” Thomas Gottschalki, 73, who made disparaging comments about the age difference between him and Tom. “Mr. Gottschalk recently even said that I actually have a responsibility to take care of my husband,” Heidi Klum remembers. “It really makes me wonder: Where does the shaming end?”

Heidi doesn't understand why someone like Gottschalk, who calls himself his discoverer, would make such comments. “He's someone that a lot of people hear. 'I would never think of something like that,'” he insists. It's important to them that everyone lives their lives according to their own ideas.

Heidi Klum has been married to Tom Kaulitz since 2019

Heidi has been happily married to Tom Kaulitz since 2019 – the age difference was never an issue, let alone an obstacle. “It's our decision!” he emphasizes with a laugh. Then she adds with a wink: “My husband has to go home with his old wife.” And adds with disarming honesty: “His eyes are still sharp, he can see in the morning when I'm lying next to him. without makeup. My eyes are so old, 16 years older than her, so they are always so blurry. Well, she always looks great! “

After Thomas Gottschalk has already made several negative comments about Heidi and her daughter Leni Klum, Heidi Klum seems to have had enough. In the interview, he talks candidly about Gottschalk's comments about the age difference between him and Tom. “For me, it is also a shame of age. Where does the shaming end? Especially when it comes from such prominent people and many people listen,” he says seriously.

But Gottschalk himself also seems to hold a grudge. In the podcast, he talks about how Heidi is allegedly still mad at him because he was in her Top Model final in 2019, comparing it to a child's birthday party.

Heidi's attitude towards Gottschalk probably worsened when Gottschalk's friend Mike Krüger (72) got into the discussion, talking about Heidi and Leni Klum's lingerie campaign. “I'm driving through Hamburg and suddenly I see Heidi on all the billboards with her little daughter, barely in her underwear. Where does it say, OK, what does Heidi want to teach her daughter now?” to which Gottschalk followed up with, “Leni was too small for modeling, but big enough for underwear.”

Oops, Mr. Gottschalk! But there is no sign of remorse from the former star host. True to the motto: When your reputation is ruined, you can live life quite openly, he continued to chatter merrily. “I already confused myself with Heidi, now I'm scaring myself away with the whole family.”

One thing is certain, like an amen in church: Heidi does not let bad comments get her down and lives her life the way she wants.

Apparently, Thomas Gottschalk has ignored the fact that he himself has been in a relationship since 2019 with Carina Mross, who is twelve years his junior, which ironically makes his verbal outlook on Heidi and Tom's age gap stand out. in a different light.

By Antje Brechlin