In 2022, the Supreme Court, with a conservative majority, annulled the right to abortion. More and more people react to sterilization.

Women protesting for abortion rights hold signs during a demonstration outside the Columbia County Courthouse

Across the United States, women are protesting for their rights Photo: Paul Weaver/dpa

WASHINGTON afp | The nationwide repeal of abortion rights in the US in 2022 has led to significantly more sterilizations, according to a new study. According to the study published Friday in Jama Health Forum, the increase was greater and longer lasting in women than in men. It is the first study to examine how the court decision that triggered a political earthquake affects permanent contraception among young adults.

“The large difference in patterns of these two practices likely reflects the fact that young women are overwhelmingly responsible for preventing pregnancies and disproportionately feel the health, social and economic consequences of abortion bans,” said lead author Jacqueline Ellison. , from the School of the University of Pittsburgh. of Public Health.

Sterilization procedures for women are significantly more complex and two to six times more expensive than for men, the statement continues. Additionally, women – unlike men – require a complex and invasive operation to reverse sterilization.

Medical data from large medical centers and clinics were used for the study. It focused on the 18-30 age group, where the likelihood of abortion is higher and they are more likely to regret sterilizations.

According to the information, data shows that the sterilization rate increased slightly in the years leading up to the June 2022 court ruling. However, the ruling caused a significant increase in both genders, which was more than twice as high for women as for men. men.

Subsequently, the rate of men undergoing vasectomies returned to previous trends. However, the rate of women undergoing tubal sterilization continued to increase more rapidly than before the ruling.

The United States Supreme Court triggered a political earthquake in June 2022 with its highly controversial decision, the landmark Roe v. Wade to repeal the 1973 law that enshrined the right to abortion throughout the country. Since then, a score of conservative states have abolished or drastically restricted the right to abortion.

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