Following Bayern's 2-0 home defeat to Borussia Dortmund, coach Thomas Tuchel congratulated Bayer Leverkusen on their championship. Apparently, this did not sit well with the FCB bosses.

Coach Thomas Tuchel's congratulations to Bayer Leverkusen for the championship impressed those responsible FC Bayern apparently he doesn't like it very much. According to information from Sport BILD, the way in which Tuchel congratulated his rival “in front of all the cameras” infuriated the Bayern coach.

It is in Bayern's DNA to be chronic bad losers, the report continues. Like Tuchel, “rolling out the red carpet for the competition” contradicts the self-image of the German record champion.

Thomas Müller's announcement is more suitable for Bayern. After the defeat against BVB, the veteran simply said: “When the time comes, we will congratulate him.”

Tuchel “officially annulled” the championship

Tuchel, for his part, congratulated Leverkusen, who now have a 13-point lead over FCB after another last-minute victory against TSG Hoffenheim and Bayern's subsequent defeat at home to the black and yellow team.

The coach was visibly disappointed after the defeat in the classic against BVB and “officially annulled” the championship for Bayern: “After today's game we no longer need to count. How many points are there now?,” he asked in an interview with Sky. When he found out that there were 13 points, the reaction was clear: “Congratulations to Leverkusen!”

Tuchel will leave Bayern at the end of this season. He and his team run the risk of going through a season without a title. Only in the Champions League can you hope to win the trophy. In the quarterfinals, Bayern must first eliminate Arsenal FC.

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By Sebastian Mittag


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