At the 2006 World Cup, we Germans had one guiding principle: the world as a guest of friends. I was keen to renew the motto at the home European Championships in 2024, if half of the world's players were to play in the Champions League. Europe sends its best teams to the European Championship in Germany.

Since Tuesday night I know: not only are we embarrassing hosts, but we have even lost friends. The German public at the Munich Arena booed the Spanish defender Marc Cucurella at a volume that one can only be ashamed of.

Spaniards are disappointed by the reaction of German fans

He didn't show it, he played his part in the semi-final victory. about france (2:1) professionally. Reaching the final is compensation enough. But in Spain All hell breaks loose. The Germans were said to make the player “the object of their wrath” and wrote of a “lack of standard that should not be scorned.”

Yes, Cucurella cost Germany a place in the semi-finals with his unpunished handball in the quarter-finals of the European Championship. That is annoying and still bothers me today. But could he do something about it? Referee Taylor had tomatoes, to put it in old German, in his eyes.

Cucurella did what any German player would have done in a similar situation: he played the innocent lamb and used the excuse that it was the referee who should decide the situation and not him. He only wanted the best for his team, without penalties.

Do we really expect him to go to the referee during the game and confess: Sorry, Mr Taylor, that was a handball! Give Germany a penalty! This is a really important game – punish us! This is complete nonsense.

The boos against us make us look like bad losers in Spain

We Germans did not have a single second of remorse in the round of 16 Danish Andersen touched an insignificant flying ball with his nails and was found guilty on video evidence. His coach Hjulmand's complaints about the handball rule left us cold.

Now we are the victims ourselves, lashing out in anger at a player who didn't get his arm out of the way of Jamal Musiala's shot quickly enough. That was the handball, of course. I'm angry and still wish referee Taylor an early retirement.

Anyway, we have already tarnished our reputation abroad.

But Cucurella? The booing against him makes us look like sore losers in Spain, where we love to go on holiday. It is true that not all spectators booed. But so many that the message on television reached all living rooms unequivocally.

We Germans have already tarnished our reputation abroad. The latest with the Dutch: the train didn't run on Tuesday, coach Koeman missed his own press conference before the Euro semi-final in Dortmund. EnglandI feel deep shame for our country when something like this happens.

We have quick explanations at hand when simpler things don't work. And perhaps, as with Deutsche Bahn, we have to accept that we can't do better. But we should be able to avoid unjustified whistling.