DFrench film star Alain Delon has been in poor health for a long time. The court in Montargis, France decided on Thursday that from now on the money of the eighty-eight-year-old woman should be managed by a guardian. The French media reported it unanimously.

Delon had already received legal aid for his own defense in January, who is primarily responsible for medical decisions. The court decided that this measure should now be extended to the film star's financial transactions as well. This means that the supervisor will have access to Delon's accounts in the future and can make expenses for him.

Who will take care of this has not yet been announced. However, this is not a question of guardianship, wrote the French newspaper Le Figaro. A lawyer for Delon's 33-year-old daughter Anouchka described the French judges' decision to radio station RTL as “excessive” and “humiliating” for her father.

The case against his brothers

There has been a heated family dispute between the three children of the movie star for months about where and how Delon should be treated. In recent years, Delon has suffered several strokes and, as a result, brain hemorrhages, and the actor also has difficulty speaking. The latest highlight of the controversy was Anouchka Delon's lawsuit against his half-brother Anthony Delon, 59, and his 29-year-old brother Alain-Fabien from his marriage to actress Nathalie Delon. After they released a recording of a secretly recorded conversation between Anouchka Delon and her father, she sued Anthony and Alain-Fabien Delon for violating her privacy.

The main issue in the dispute is where Delon should spend his pension: in a residence in France or in Switzerland, where his daughter lives. In addition to French, Delon also holds Swiss citizenship. Anthony and Alain-Fabien Delon accuse him of manipulating his father and trying to bring him to Switzerland to avoid paying too much inheritance tax.

Delon's fortune is estimated to be – depending on the source – up to 300 million euros. According to his eldest son Anthony, he had specified in his will that his daughter Anouchka would inherit half and his two sons would each inherit a quarter of the fortune.