Sports fans have rarely seen Alexander Nübel as a goalkeeper for FC Bayern Munich: although he is under contract there, he has so far demonstrated his abilities on loan, mainly at other clubs. That should change now.

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Alexander Nübel: contract extension and salary increase at FC Bayern

Alexander Nübel is the goalkeeper's hope for the future FC Bayern Munich. Although he has not yet had a place in the club Manuel Neuer The extension of the contract until 2030 should change this situation and make the footballer born in 1996 Neuer's successor. But he was first loaned for one more season to VfB Stuttgart. Neuer's contract does not expire until mid-2025.

to extend Alex Nübel's contract from 2025 to 2030, apparently also contain new
Salary agreements
of the goalkeeper. According to platforms like this, it should Sports buzzer He currently receives an annual salary of three million euros.

Previous salaries of Alexander Nübel

Alex Nübel's previous salaries are also said to have reached dizzying heights. During his loan spell at AS Monaco from 2021 to 2023,… Football transfer portal He earned 3.7 million a year. At FC Schalke 04 the annual salary between 2017 and 2020 was only 600,000 euros, while at FC Bayern from 2020 onwards their annual salary was around 750,000 euros.

Spox However, the goalkeeper's salary amounts to three million euros, an amount that will now have to be adapted to VfB Stuttgart's participation in international competitions. Alenader Nübel has been on loan there since 2023 and has been successful.