A customer tested the limits of retail giant Costco's returns policy. As shown on TikTok, the customer tried to return a three-and-a-half-year-old sofa.

Tiktokerin wants to get his money back after years

Jackie Nguyen, who bought the sofa in question three and a half years ago, decided to return it because she no longer liked it. The campaign has received almost three million visits since January 23. In the video, Nguyen explained that he no longer had the original receipt but remembered the purchase date.

The young woman says: “I told him the purchase date; she looked her up on the computer and told me exactly what she was. That's all. She asked me if there was anything wrong with it… I told her I just didn't like it anymore.” The company refunded her the full purchase price, Nguyen said in her TikTok video. She encouraged her followers to also buy her furniture on Costco.

Exceptional Store Return Policy

Costco says it has a generous return policy. The company's website says: “We guarantee you will be satisfied with every product we sell and we will refund your purchase price.” Exceptions apply to certain products such as electronics, diamonds, alcohol and cigarettes. However, there is no specific time frame within which customers must return their products.

According to CBSNews, some other retailers that previously had generous return policies have revised them to prevent abuse and fraud.

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