John Alfred Tinniswood (111) from England is currently the world's oldest man according to the Guinness Book of Records. He took over the title following the death of the previous record holder, Juan Vicente Pérez of Venezuela, 114, the organization said on Friday. In fact, a man from Japan (112) should have won the title, but he died recently.

Tinniswood was born on August 26, 1912 in Liverpool, the Guinness World Records organization announced on its website and on the X platform, formerly known as Twitter. Tinniswood is a great-grandfather, a Liverpool FC fan and currently lives in a nursing home in Southport; staff describe him as a great storyteller.

The organization released a video of Tinniswood receiving the certificate. Asked how he feels now, he said, “No different” than before. When asked what his secret was, Tinniswood said it was probably just luck.

He does not follow a special diet, eats fish and chips and does not smoke. In the video, he advised people to follow moderation in life and work hard. “Always do your best. Whether you're learning something or teaching someone something,” he said. According to the Guinness Book of Records, the oldest woman in the world is the Spanish Maria Branyas Morera (117).