Powerful men in the background of Orbán and Novák: Zoltán Balog (right) and Antal Rogán (2nd from left) are heavily incriminated by insider Péter Magyar.
Image: picture alliance

The pardon affair in Hungary is expanding following the resignation of President Novák and the political withdrawal of former Justice Minister Varga. Varga's former husband raises allegations of corruption.

DThe affair in Hungary surrounding a controversial pardon in a child abuse case is not over due to the recent resignation of President Katalin Novák and the renunciation of the former Justice Minister Judit Varga as Fidesz's top candidate in the European elections. On the contrary, it has extensions that could also put Prime Minister Viktor Orbán in distress.

On the one hand, his close confidant and former social superminister Zoltán Balog had to answer reports that he played a role in the pardon, which cost Novák and Varga their political careers. On the other hand, Varga's former husband, Péter Magyar, gave insights into the Orbán system in a settlement interview. They create a picture of concentration of power, abuse of power and corruption that has long been drawn by critics, but is now given concrete contours by an insider's portrayal.