MThe trial of a 52-year-old Uber driver, who allegedly raped a then 19-year-old woman in the back seat of his car, began in the district court with the reading of the indictment.

Prosecutors say he took her and a friend home after a birthday party in September 2019. First, the boyfriend was allegedly shot at home, then the defendant drove the young woman to her parents' home, which was about ten minutes away. According to the state prosecutor's office, at that time, an alcoholic young woman was sleeping in the back seat. Arriving at the apartment, the defendant first accompanied her to the front door, then put his arm around her shoulder, kissed her against her will and put his hand on her waist.

Got out of the car several times

According to the prosecutor's office, the nineteen-year-old was in a state in which he could not defend himself. The defendant took advantage of this situation, brought her back to the car and placed her in the back seat of his vehicle. According to the information, he then drove to a parking lot 200 meters away, parked the vehicle and took off the woman's shoes, pants and panties.

The state prosecutor accuses him of first performing oral sex with a defenseless woman and a little later of inserting his fingers, causing her severe pain. He came out several times, but each time returned to finally penetrate her again. Finally, he forced her to perform oral sex.

As prosecutors explained in court, the young woman stayed in the car, fearing that she would be taken away from her parents' home. When he finally drove her home, he kissed her again and gave her a pair of panties that she allegedly forgot in the car in a panic.

The public prosecutor's office alleges that the Uber driver deliberately took the woman away from her parents' home to take advantage of her intoxication and vulnerability. The process continues.

The court has set six follow-up dates when it also wants to question experts. The defendant indicated through his defense that he wanted to participate. The woman is also called as a witness.