EOmar Gabriel Muñoz thought it was a joke when he checked his security camera footage. An unknown person had stolen a package from an American's doorstep – and in a very special presentation.

The thief was completely covered with a black garbage bag, only his legs were visible. The video shows a stranger disguised as a plastic garbage bag trotting through Muñoz's front yard in Sacramento, California, bagging his haul on the porch.

Muñoz told American news channel ABC10 that he reacted angrily at first. But then he took the whole thing with humor and recognized the thief's creativity. “It was kind of funny at the end of the day,” he told ABC10. “I look at everything positively because it's part of life. If you look at everything negatively, you're not going to get anywhere.”

A package thief does not have to wait for criminal prosecution. According to Fox News, Muñoz refrained from filing a complaint and did not report the incident to the police.

The purchase price of the stolen items, two smartphone chargers, was reportedly around $10.