Former “PoseStar Angelica Ross criticizes TV super producer ryan murphy.

Ross, who starred in two seasons of FX innovative seriesand has appeared in several seasons of “Murphy’s”American horror story,” alleges that Murphy left her “on reading” after she approached him about the idea of ​​an all-black cast for a season of “American Horror Story.” She said his lack of communication left her wondering about her status with Murphy and FX and whether she should pursue other projects.

In several X posts on Tuesday, Ross shared email correspondence between her and the Emmy winner.

“Remember your idea of ​​a HORROR season starring black women? Well, I am doing it,” Murphy wrote in an email to Ross in 2020, according to a screenshot she provided. “I’m not sure about the story yet, but we’re opening a writers room in the fall. Besides you, who are the four women he should get? I think you, Keke Palmer, Gabby… Not sure about the room?

Several media outlets have reported that the Gabby in the email is actress Gabourey Sidibe.

in a Tik Tok Also released Tuesday, the “Transparent” actor showed off two more emails he said he sent to Murphy.

One email appeared to be a response to his message from 2020. In it he wrote: “YAAAAAAASSSSSS! Debbi Morgan (“Eve’s Bayou”) culture would LIVE and she is a powerful actress. She would also someone like Lynn Whitfield or Alfre Woodard WOULD SPIN IT.”

She added: “But I would totally say that Keke Gabby, Adina and I [Porter] or Angela Bassett, (but I know she’s probably fixated on one of your other shows). Adina (also my sister Amiyah Scott (“STAR” on FOX) would also be a great choice. She was the one who introduced me to “AHS.” “Very good instincts and timing and BEAUTIFUL.).”

After saying he didn’t hear back from Murphy after that email exchange, Ross said he sent her flowers, as well as an email in 2022, but still hasn’t heard back.

In his 2022 email to Murphy, Ross said he wrote, according to a screenshot“Good morning, waking up cleaning and organizing and thinking about what [‘AHS’] The focus of season 11 could be and then I thought I’d ask you that when that’s formulated if I could be on the production side as well. “I think it could add a lot to the overall story if we’re still looking for a black main cast.”

Ross claimed that Marvel had approached her and that she had had extensive auditions with the studio, but she was also in limbo about her status with Murphy and FX.

“It’s not JUST that the idea changed. “Things change all the time,” he wrote in a x publication. “The thing is, I called Commercial Affairs for MONTHS trying to get clarity on whether they would resume my contract option or if it was okay to tell Marvel that I was available for whatever they called me for. “I had been auditioning for THREE YEARS for Marvel.”

Representatives for Murphy and FX did not immediately respond to The Times’ request for comment.