D“Neue Welt” was certainly surprised by this. Then he comes out with one of his usual cover stories (“Finally! Prince Harry – coming to terms with his sick father”), the magazine is on the newsstand – and suddenly, since Harry was actually traveling from America, it turns out to be true. . And perhaps the editors are not even happy about it: an exclusive lie is ultimately valued more highly in the more expensive trade than the truth that can be read elsewhere.

Jörg Thomann

Editor of the “Life” section of Frankfurter Allgemeine Sonntagszeitung.

A dispute about the truth has broken out between “Bild” and “Bunte”. “Bild” presented it with the title “After 18 years with Carina – Bohlen turns 70 and gets married!” and an interview in which Dieter Bohlen says: “Carina and I are getting married. There is a definite date – from the first day of our relationship. I told him the specific year and said if we are still together then I trust you and I will marry you. Invitations haven't been printed yet, but that date is coming soon. . .” Carina will be incredibly happy – not so much about the marriage, but about the fact that in 18 years the time is approaching when she will trust him.

Because of the wedding!

On the other hand, “Bunte” was not happy at all and shortly after the “Bild” story written by the ex-wife of “Bunte” he quipped: “No wedding plans!” In the “Bunte” interview, “this. it becomes clear that the twice-divorced pop titan is generally not a fan of marriage,” we read. “But of course we sometimes talk about marriage. I haven't proposed to Carina yet,” says Bohlen. Now it's time to get excited: when does the “certain year” start when they get married? And who will hear about it first: “Bild”, “Bunte” – or maybe even Carina?

This text is from the Frankfurter Allgemeine Sonntagszeitung.

There is also trouble between Heidi Klum and Thomas Gottschalk. In “Bild” we read: “Mr. Gottschalk recently said again that I actually have a duty to take care of my husband,” Heidi Klum remembers. “I also think to myself: where does the shaming end?” Background: Klum's husband, Tom Kaulitz, is 34, and she's 50. Gottschalk literally said that Klum was “legally entitled to raise” Kaulitz and her twin brother, and the question is whether the same applies to Gottschalk herself and her partner: after all, she's twelve years younger.

But “Gala” tells us about Heidi Klum: “It is known from her marriage with Seal that the couple liked to have sex in the closet during the day.” We ask ourselves why, in the closet and not. one of their surely numerous and generous cut rooms – because they were in danger of being caught by children? And was it a spacious wardrobe or a slim Ikea Pax model? If you too are dreaming about sex right now, think carefully about whether or not you should take your clothes off first. In the first case, you have more space, but it is also less soft.

Great officers and knights

The visit the Macrons paid to the Swedish royal family was more civilized. Carl Gustaf, Silvia, Victoria and Daniel were appointed “Grand Officers of the Legion of Honor”, as reported by “Frau im Spiegel”. “A gesture duly received: Carl Gustaf made the president a Knight of the Royal Order of the Seraphim.” Wasn't the title given a little carelessly – and accepted? If the Legion of Honor or the Order of the Seraphim should one day be involved in hostilities, they should all be in action.

Orders for everyone: The Macron couple at the Swedish royal palace

Orders for everyone: The Macron couple at the Swedish royal palace

Image: Reuters

A pop superstar will soon move to us: “Adele – Why she is coming to Germany,” writes “Gala”. Yes, why – because of the weather? For the people? Because of Dieter Bohlen? Everything is wrong – he comes because he can earn “at least 20 million euros” from the concerts here. If that's not the reason!

The celebrities who “Bunte” wants to know what three questions they would ask a potential life partner come up with something original. Actor Florian David Fitz says: “Are you voting AfD? Are you a conspiracy theorist? Can I read your cell phone messages?” If the answer to the third question is no, then the first and second questions are likely to be dismissed as implausible, as Fitz's colleague Lara Mandoki chimes in, “Would you bury a body with me?” Let's hope she's only thinking that because she worked part-time at a funeral home.

Sch. Heinz K.'s letter to the editor of “Bild” takes us into religious spheres. on animal welfare: “Dear Mr. Özdemir, Adam was thrown out of paradise for an apple, not a steak! Please reconsider quark!” Yes, Adam would have preferred to use the grill of knowledge: he could munch on his juicy steak every day without worrying about cholesterol levels because he would be immortal. But it remains unclear what Mr. K. demands instead: either an apple tax or a lime tax.