In top form: Kai Havertz is currently impressing for Arsenal FC.
Image: image alliance/ASSOCIATED PRESS

In the three previous duels against Arsenal, Bayern clearly won. But now the people of London are stronger than they have been in a long time. This is due to coach Arteta, attacker Havertz and the stable defense.

YesOn Saturday afternoon on the south coast of England, in Premier League match between Brighton and Hove Albion and the Arsenal F.C. The injury time is ticking. Arsenal lead 3-0 as Brighton & Hove Albion have another chance to score a consolation goal. Instead of accepting it helplessly, Arsenal central defender Gabriel Magalhães stands in the path of the shot and directs the ball away from the goal.

A determined crowd immediately forms and applauds the Brazilian, as if he had just scored the equalizer at the last second; Even the substitutes and support staff on the bench jump and clench their fists. A little later, Arsenal rise to first place in the standings thanks to the victory.