Three years ago, Beatrice Egli climbed the Matterhorn. In the MDR talk show “Riverboat”, the Swiss pop singer talked about the biggest challenge in storming to the top and also talked about his own show. Egli kept a low profile on only one issue…

His fans have been waiting for it for a year and a half. On Saturday evening (April 6, 20:15) it's that time again: Beatrice Egli (35) is back. With his new show, the Swiss artist returns a little to his roots. Because the show is not number one.

But in three “third parties”: SWR, MDR and for the first time NDR. And of course, this time there will be many stars again, presenting their songs and telling stories about their lives: including Kerstin Ott (42), Howard Carpendale (78) and Lucy Diakovska (48), known from No Angels and current. queen of the jungle on RTL.

Beatrice Egli is looking forward to her show. “I do it with all my heart,” Egli said on MDR's “Riverboat” talk show Friday night. The creative break did her good: Beatrice Egli is in a good mood and can now talk more about her TV show.

“It's nice to develop,” explains the singer. “I love the stories of the people who speak, even the ones behind the stars, and when the people whose songs we know go a little deeper. That's what I love about my show and I enjoy it.”

The question of all questions: What is going on between Beatrice Egli and Florian Silbereisen?

The former DSDS winner has a lot to say. He has experienced a lot in the past few months. He spoke with DSDS chief juror Dieter Bohlen and did a lot of sports, even climbing the Matterhorn.

He admits: climbing a mountain nearly 4,500 meters high was not that difficult. But then he had to go down again. “There were a few tears,” she admits.

When will Beatrice Egli and Florian Silbereisen get married?

In fact, Beatrice Egli is a master of good humor. And she also explained how she does it on Friday night: “It's scientifically proven: if you smile for 60 seconds, even though you feel really bad and maybe you could really swear, your body doesn't know you're cheating. he and she releases happy hormones. You actually feel better afterwards. So sometimes it's better to smile before you blurt out something you'll regret later.

Finally, there is only one question left that the moderators of “Riverboat” cannot resist: When will Beatrice Egli and Florian Silbereisen get married? Answer: Egli smiles – and says nothing.

Now at least a video of the two stars has been released. And maybe fans will find out more after Saturday night's “Beatrice Egli Show.”