Pamplona (EFE).- Geroa Bai has announced this Sunday that Uxue Barkos will repeat as candidate for the presidency of the Government of Navarra and therefore will head the list for the Provincial Parliament and the current regional senator, Koldo Martínez, will be the candidate for mayor from Pamplona.

Both have starred in a political act this Sunday at the Hotel Tres Reyes in Pamplona where the President of Parliament, Unai Hualde, the Vice President of the Government José María Aierdi, the Geroa Bai advisors in the Executive, parliamentarians and councilors from different municipalities have been present .

Uxue Barkos managed to be president of the Government of Navarra in 2015 and in the current legislature she has been spokesperson for the Geroa Bai parliamentary group.

“We are close to losing the change started in 2015”

Barkos has warned that “we are close to losing the change that we started in 2015 because we are very close to losing everything we have achieved in the advancement of public services and everything we have built over the years and we have done it wherever Geroa Bai has kept the pulse of the institutions”.

The candidate has claimed Navarra as a “political subject”. «In the Congress of Deputies I claimed it in 2007 so that they would stop groping Navarra as a matter of State. Today I claim the same thing again and we will continue to do so. Today Navarra continues to be the basket of confrontations of the fractured right. They cannot use the name of Navarra who more than once has tried to negotiate an assault on the Government of Navarra in Madrid.

Koldo Martínez, María Solana and Uxue Barkos applaud during the political act of the coalition. EFE/Villar Lopez.

According to Barkos, neither “can continue using the name of Navarra who attacks the legitimacy of our institutions, to seek easy applause in Vox and end up in the ranks of the PP, who has never been generous with Navarra.”

The former president has charged against her current partners: “The same PSN that negotiated a plural government with Geroa Bai, was incapable of negotiating for the municipalities and I do not want to forget the gift of the PSN to UPN with the municipalities.”

Barkos has vindicated his management of public health: «Rhetoric is not valid here, the facts that Geroa Bai can bring are valid here. In 2015 the waiting lists were 50,000 people, after 33,000 people after a strike like the one that is now threatened. These are realities.”

He has also valued the work of his Government or of the departments that he directs today in Housing, Historical Memory, Education, climate change or the drafted project that Minister Irujo has on the Energy Transition Agency but that “the PSN has it parked by orders of Madrid».

The candidate has denounced, at the end of her speech, that the Parliament of Navarra is not going to “respect” the desire of the Mañeru City Council to include the municipality in the Mixed Zone.

That Pamplona is not a “reñidero”

Martínez has indicated that he does not want a “reñidero” for Pamplona and has promised that he will do everything on his part to be a “good mayor.” The candidate explained that in Pamplona he governs the right because “Geroa Bai did not get the necessary result and the PSN continues its flirtation with the right” and they will continue to do so “if Geroa Bai is not strong.”

“Our project for the city will be integrated into a program for the region,” assured Martínez, who recalled that “Balduz was mayor as the third force, let’s not forget, because the PSN only joins with the rest of the progressive forces if It is to send them, that the citizenship does not forget ». “Pamplona is much more Basque than the PSN would like,” he pointed out.

Koldo Martínez has announced that he will make his position in the Pamplona City Council compatible with his position as regional senator. “No matter what happens on May 28, I will be four years in the City Council,” he added.

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