FC Bayern will not be champions. But this remains an isolated case, because German football is organized according to the Munich spirit.

FC Bayern players run and salute with the championship trophy, historical black and white photograph

They had not won in series then: Bayern's 1969 champion team around Franz Beckenbauer Photo: Werek/imago

A country breathes a sigh of relief. Bayern abdicates. He ruled the world of German football for eleven long years. Most of the time the club was superior. And although the noble Isar kickers were not really better than the others, in the end they were proclaimed champions, as in the previous season. On. Now another club will be champion. The dictatorship is coming to an end. Will everything be okay now? From now on, can anyone who wants it enough become a champion? It would be good. The German top league is far from becoming a classless society.

Like right now? Wasn't it the fun provincial club FC Heidenheim that dealt the decisive blow to Bayern? Let's put it this way: the Heidenheimers often don't beat FC Bayern. You don't have to look far to find the reasons for this. Before the season, the Munich team spent more money on one player than FC Heidenheim did on the entire team.

And not even a goal from Harry Kane gave Munich the victory. Something happened that was not really expected in modern football. From there arose the emotional frenzy that took over the entire country after Bayern's bankruptcy in Brenz. It will remain an isolated case. We can safely call it a miracle.

Parents have to explain to their soccer-loving children what is currently happening in the league. And what a strange construction this is from Bayer Leverkusen, which takes away some of the shine from the southern star.

In any case, Heidenheim will not become German men's champion. Just like all these damn traditional clubs will never win the title, no matter how much their fans at Schalke, at FC Cologne, at FCK Kaiserslautern or in the 60s in Munich sing: “And we will be champions of Germany!” No way! The way football is organised, there can be no hope of all the undead clubs returning, most of whom are living meagerly on the memories of the good old days. It will continue to be normal for FC Bayern to present the championship trophy on Marienplatz.

Parents whose football-loving children have not lived long enough to be able to imagine a Bundesliga that is ultimately not led by FC Bayern have to explain these days what is really happening in German football. It will be necessary to explain what a strange construction this Bayer Leverkusen is, which is now preparing to take some of the shine off the star of the south.

The so-called Werkself is usually at the top of the table because it is largely free of financial constraints. If necessary, the chemical giant that gives it its name balances its balance at the end of the exercise.

While conventional football clubs are not only in a sporting competition, but also in an economic race, with the next German champion they can concentrate on the game on the field largely without risk. It is not exactly the beautiful and kitsch story of the triumph of the eleven dwarfs at the entrance to the Bergisches Land against the football giants of the gravel plain in the foothills of the Alps.

It is not a football fairy tale that is being played there. “The Leverkusen of all places!” can exclaim all those who for years have wanted nothing more than a championship for a club not called FC Bayern Munich.

earn money

Like all the other football romantics who still sing the praise song of the eleven friends to be, you will also be very happy that it is not Rasenballsport Leipzig that knocks Bayern off the throne. This fake club, founded for marketing purposes by a manufacturer of caffeinated soft drinks, is seen in most corners of German stadiums as the epitome of everything despicable that commercialized football has produced along with the World Cups in Russia or Qatar. .

One could argue that even FC Bayern is even better, although that World Cup emirate has contributed a lot to the Munich team's term deposit account, which has become legendary.

This is also so full because Bayern, as a permanent participant in the Champions League, receives so much money from the European Football Union Uefa every year that the entire squad could take a bath at the same time if the players wanted to.

And since the Bundesliga's hundreds of millions of marketing revenues are distributed in such a way that the club in first place in the table takes the lion's share, Bayern managed to get so far ahead of their competitors that they can no longer be caught up. No, there really isn't much to indicate that it will take long for Bayern to return to the national top. Football is organized according to its spirit.

Arrogance costs the title

This year's football revolution will be followed by a restoration. In Munich they have been building a football company of the future for a long time. The third-tier football association in Unterhaching will become a partner club of the Munich team and will in future receive remuneration for young professionals from the Bayern youth team to coach matches.

Bayern not only has offices in New York, Shanghai and Bangkok, but also runs a joint venture with Los Angeles FC called “Red & Gold Football”. They also cooperate with football academies in Africa and now own their first club in South America. Racing Club de Montevideo will one day deliver talent to FC Bayern. The club's advertising claim does not need to be translated anywhere in the world. People everywhere understand “Mia san Mia.”

It is therefore not surprising that the Munich people look with contempt on the pitch, often difficult to play on, during matches in precarious places of German professional football such as Darmstadt or Bochum, like an experienced Munich patrician looks with contempt on a homeless man in the magnificent Maximilianstraße. This almost unbearable arrogance could have cost FC Bayern the title this time. Of course they could have won. As usual.

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