Bayern made a fool of themselves with the 2-3 defeat in Heidenheim. On Tuesday they have to play against Arsenal FC in the Champions League. Will coach Thomas Tuchel still be on the bench? The Bayern management offers a job guarantee.

Despite the 2:3 defeat at 1. FC Heidenheim, the bosses of the FC Bayern His coach Thomas Tuchel has a guarantee of employment, at least for the next few weeks.

After the miserable match from Munich's perspective, sporting director Max Eberl, when asked if they were now thinking about releasing Tuchel early, said: “No, I didn't have that idea. It's not always just a coaching problem. “, however, this concerned the first leg against Arsenal. Eberl said of Tuchel's whereabouts until the end of the season: “I cannot now answer conclusively.”

Eberl even spoke of feeling somewhat sorry for Tuchel: “During the week Thomas put everything in the meeting room. If the players say something like that, it's not what Thomas deserves!”

Sports director Christoph Freund also gave Tuchel a job guarantee at “Sky”: “Yes, 100 percent!” he responded to the question of whether they would continue with Tuchel.

Friend: “That is unacceptable”

The Austrian explained ahead of the London match: “We have a very, very important match in three days.”

Asked if Tuchel was still his trusted man, Freund said: “Yes, that's what we decided. We just have to make sure we don't act like that anymore.”

He reported on Tuchel's work: “Thomas tries everything to get energy. Of course, he also asks: What can be changed? Why is that? Now everyone has to bite themselves.”

Above all, Freund held the players responsible: “This is not acceptable! Everyone has to look at their nose.

Regarding the previous 2-0 home defeat against Borussia Dortmund, Freund said: “It was twice in one week. This is really crazy!

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By Sebastian Mittag