Beatrice Egli receives many compliments for her natural look. However, there were times when the singer considered plastic surgery.

There are countless compliments on her photos on social media, and Beatrice Egli often receives nice comments, especially for her naturalness. In order to feel good, the 2013 “DSDS” winner always tries to keep fit and engages in various hobbies. He inspires his fans with his zest for life. One thing is particularly well received by the followers of the pop singer: Egli not only appears in an elegant dress and with makeup on her face, but also shares photos without makeup on her channel. But despite many compliments on her natural beauty, there are days when Beatrice doesn't feel completely comfortable looking in the mirror. As he now admits in his podcast “Egli Extrem”, the artist considered undergoing plastic surgery a few years ago.

Together with Sarah Engels (31), he discusses beauty ideals in the new episode of his podcast. Breast surgery is also discussed. As “” reports, fans often suspect that Beatrice may have already had plastic surgery. And to everyone's surprise, the pop singer openly admits that he had already played with this idea: “As a teenager, I had a big ( Breasts, note d. Red.). And it was very stressful for me, and I thought, “I've got to make it smaller.” ”

For Beatrice Egli, “loving yourself is something very important.”

Despite this consideration, the 35-year-old decided against breast reduction. Today, he is glad that he did not go under the knife. Because Beatrice wants to stand by her body and justify her decision: “It's something very important for me to be able to love myself the way I am.” She rejects any cosmetic surgery: “Any intervention in the body would be a no to me, to my nature, that I don't love myself as I am.”

Despite her self-love, there are days when she doesn't feel good: “Of course, we don't look at each other every day and say: 'I'm the most beautiful, I'm the best'.” Her friend Sarah feels the same way about it, as she explains publicly on the podcast.

'It's part of it': Sarah Engels accepts her body

Not only does Beatrice have her moments of self-doubt, Sarah Engels has also considered breast surgery, as she admits on the podcast. She herself reveals how she perceives her body: “I don't really have breasts anymore. There wasn't much after the first pregnancy, and almost nothing after the second.” Still, the mother-of-two is aware she's not alone: ​​”But: that's part of it,” she states frankly. But would that mean she went under the knife? ? “I was always so glad I didn't,” she explains of her decision not to have surgery. Although the two women lead by example and try to love their bodies the way they are, they always face harsh comments about their looks .

“You no longer have breasts”: Engels and Egli suffer negative comments

Two women are not only bothered by moments when you criticize yourself. Because of their lives in the public eye and their photos on social media, Sarah and Beatrice often have to put up with negative comments: “There are comments that just hit you and it hurts you,” admits Beatrice. Above all, he is angry with himself because he takes comments very seriously. The singer would rather be proud of herself in such situations. Egli therefore hopes for greater support among women, especially in the hit industry.

Sarah is also often bothered by the comments on her social media posts. Contrary to their own decision to accept their bodies, they pressure strangers to have breast surgery: I get so many messages where they say, “You don't have breasts anymore” and “You should get your breasts fixed.” But the most important thing remains: All in all, the two of them are happy with their appearance. and that's probably the most important thing!