Julian Sommer (26) and Mia Julia (37) had one of Playa's biggest hits last year with the song “Peter Pan”. Hardly a party where this catchy permille song wasn't played. Now the two Ballermann stars want to intensify this cooperation. But it doesn't work without problems.

Julian Sommer – This is related to the career of Mia Julia's husband

Julian Sommer splits from his manager Robin Ratjen. For this, she hires Mia Julia's manager and husband Peter Brückner. This is now reported by the newspaper “Bild”. Together with Julian Sommer's brother Max, he has already done a lot of work in the background. According to “Bild”, Sommer and his brother were not satisfied that Ratjen shared the success, although Brückner did most of the work in the background. Brückner took care of the marketing, songs and performances.

However, Julian Sommer and Robin Ratjen deny that they broke up over the argument. They want to keep quiet about the details of the breakup. None of the main characters in “Bild” said anything about the Ballermann earthquake.

Peter Brückner already made Mia Glück one of Ballermann's most successful singers. He can also expect full concert halls away from Mallorca. Julian Sommer wants it now too. He is already working on big career plans with his wife Mia Julia. Summer in winter: the singer will perform his first solo concert in December 2024.

In this article “Trouble with Ballermann? Julian Sommer ejects manager” original from BUNTE.de.

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