Spring is here, the bees fly low: Günther Jauch, Thomas Gottschalk and Barbara Schöneberger enter the show arena this time in yellow and black striped costumes without wasp belts. The star guests of the evening, Jana Ina Zarrella and Ralf Schmitz, also wear Plushmors clothing. It's not clear to everyone why, but that's the concept of the show: “Because they don't know what's going on.”

Given Maya the Bee's outfit, Jauch expects the first challenge to be a “Pollination Game,” and her guess isn't too bad: the first round will be “Bees and Flowers.” The balloons must be burst using the spike on the back. Later, the candidates roll across the floor in ladybug costumes. So far the children's birthday.

Schöneberger e-scooter

Started in 2018, “DSWNWP” is now in its seventh round – and hasn't grown a bit. The candidates – Gottschalk was again selected as the evening's moderator – slide through the studio wearing flower power wigs and e-scooters under their butts, clearly having fun doing it. Schöneberger in particular does not want to get out of the minimobile: “Can I take it with me?”

In the spring show, RTL does everything possible to make viewers' hearts smile: first adults who give freedom to their inner child, and then baby animals too! A puppy, a pig and a sheep are the main characters in a “pet game”, which is rightly called so: the baby animals are so loved that the “game” becomes quite irrelevant.

Through a waiting course in rubber boots

In some games, it will cost the Zarrella-Schmitz team less years to live. Both run so fast through the course in rubber boots and full trays in their hands that Schöneberger and Jauch can only capitulate. During the game, the guest's pants get apple juice. While Schöneberger promotes sustainability and hand washing, Jana Ina Zarrella advises compensation: “RTL is well insured, take designer pants!”

Tilted chaos is the concept of this show, and on the one hand, it's a good thing: the candidates have enough freedom for improvisation and spontaneity. On the other hand, this freedom is also the problem of “Because they don't know what's going on”: a lot of time is lost when the moderator and candidates wander around the studio confused or trying to explain the rules of the game. each other. Sometimes they are apparently so complicated that even referee Thorsten Schorn seems overwhelmed. It makes sense that on other TV shows at least someone knows what's going on.

There is no hope of a quick end

It's 4:4 a.m. at 11 p.m., and Gottschalk explains that the end of the night is not yet in sight. It already sounds like a threat. RTL will likely have to pay insurance premiums with commercial breaks to continue to compensate viewers for the Apple Spitzer faux pas. It's 5:5 a.m. a little before midnight, the end of the evening is slipping further and further back. Only in the last game did Jauch and Schöneberger prove to be the ones who could see and react faster: experience is sometimes more valuable than youthful freshness.

In the final, it's not just about brains, it's also about physical flexibility and muscle strength. Jauch and Schöneberger still cling to the wall as confidently as their younger opponents, while their freedom becomes less and less and the acrobatics required become more and more adventurous. It's almost one o'clock when first Jauch, then Zarrella and finally Schmitz fall into the foam. The duo Jauch / Schöneberger won: Fortunately, at least this one rule is clear.

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