Tennis: Becker expert mentions the real reasons for Rune's separation

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Thursday February 8, 2024 10:09

Boris Becker and Holger Rune were not even together for four months, Becker justifies his departure from the coach along with the Dane with many other commitments. Actually? Becker's biographer and tennis expert Daniel Müksch explains the real reasons for this outburst.

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Was the end of the collaboration between Boris Becker and Holger Rune a surprise?

No, not really. What surprised me most was the timing. I thought the two of them could last a little longer together. But it was already clear that there was much crisis in Team Rune after Federer's former coach Severin Lüthi retired last week. The Swiss was even shorter than Becker in Rune. Following Becker's advice, he was brought into Holger Rune's team shortly before Christmas. Constance looks different.

Did Becker's statement convince you to retire?

No. Or rather: Becker leaves aside what is crucial. He justifies his withdrawal with too many other commitments that do not allow him to spend all the necessary time with Holger Rune as a coach. What Becker doesn't mention, however, is that due to his criminal record, he is not allowed to accompany Rune from England to many, many countries because Becker cannot enter the country. This was also the case at the Australian Open a few weeks ago. With the sentence of several years in prison, he would never have been able to enter Australia.

About the expert

Daniel Müksch has published, among others, for FOCUS, Playboy and Bunte and was sports editor at Münchner Merkur and tz. Müksch is a former tennis player and as an author, editor and presenter he has the Podcast “Our Boris” published. Among his books is the biography of Novak Djokovic (
“A lifetime of war”
) find. In August 2023, Müksch started the podcast with Lena Cassel.
“Playing dirty”
– True crime meets sports.

The same applies to the United States, where the US Open is held. Entry into the US in 2023 did not work out. And the same applies to Britain, the place of his conviction. As is well known, the Wimbledon tournament is held here. Bottom line: Becker, who had a criminal record, would not have been allowed to participate in three of the four Grand Slam tournaments. Of course, this makes collaboration very difficult, even impossible. Especially in a sport as global as tennis.

What could happen next for Boris Becker?

Boris will surely continue working as a television expert in Germany and Italy, his current adopted homeland. In order to really get close to a top player as a coach, he will have to wait at least until the end of 2024. Only then can he hope to be able to re-enter more countries. Experts assume that the prison sentence imposed corresponds to the minimum time that immigration authorities must wait to allow a former criminal to enter the country. For Becker it is two and a half years. But even then there is no guarantee. For example, he might have little chance of entering Australia for the rest of his life.

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What's next for Holger Rune?

Holger Rune has to completely reposition himself. Many observers criticize the role of his mother Ankere. He has a great influence on his son. Possibly too big. If we deduce the criminal records of Mama Aneke and Becker, the collaboration between Rune and Becker could have been quite successful. Rune is an absolutely superior talent. With potential for Grand Slam victories. However, he must learn as quickly as possible to channel his emotions to achieve better performance. Hardly anyone could have conveyed this to him better than Boris Becker. From a purely sporting point of view, it is a real shame that this collaboration ended so soon.

Podcast “Playing Dirty – Sports & Crime” by Daniel Müksch and Lena Cassel (commercial)

Sports meets true crime. In PLAYING DIRTY – Sports and crime, sports journalist and presenter Lena Cassel and sports journalist Daniel Müksch are dedicated to cases in which the world of sports, high-level athletes, victories and triumphs meet the world of crime, abysses and offenses.

What role does Holger Rune's character play in the decision?

That also plays an important role. The rune is very changeable. On and off the court. This was clearly visible in the Netflix documentary “Break Point.” Then Rune separates from his then coach Patrick Mouratoglou because he supposedly can no longer teach him anything. Only to text him a few days later telling him he needed it badly. If Rune fails to achieve consistency in the coaching position, big successes will likely take some time to come. Despite his outstanding talent.

Frequently asked questions about this topic

At first glance this is a dispute between a current player, Nick Kyrgios, who likes to provoke, and a former player, Boris Becker, who allows himself to be provoked, but at second glance, it is also a generational dispute. . .

Daniel Müksch Avatar

Daniel Muksch

He worked as an author for FOCUS, Playboy and Bunte, among others, and was a sports editor at Münchner Merkur and tz.

Initially, this has something very mundane to do with the fact that there isn't much to do right now. And the time without big tournaments but still needs to be full of news. Nick Kyrgios has also been injured for a long time and…

Daniel Müksch Avatar

Daniel Muksch

He worked as an author for FOCUS, Playboy and Bunte, among others, and was a sports editor at Münchner Merkur and tz.

No, it is difficult to imagine him with the best will in the world. Of course, tennis romantics don't like to hear that. With Kyrgios it hurts even more because the Australian has a lot of criticism. But the material is only today…

Daniel Müksch Avatar

Daniel Muksch

He worked as an author for FOCUS, Playboy and Bunte, among others, and was a sports editor at Münchner Merkur and tz.

There is much more play from the baseline. The rallies are longer. This may seem monotonous to some fans and observers. But why then were there so few offensive players like Boris Becker? Because …

Daniel Müksch Avatar

Daniel Muksch

He worked as an author for FOCUS, Playboy and Bunte, among others, and was a sports editor at Münchner Merkur and tz.

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