Siggelkow told the newspaper “Bild”: “The increase in the citizen's allowance for everyone is a joke.” His reasoning: “Instead of increasing the standard salary for all aid recipients, the employment office should take tougher measures against lazy people. Anyone who can really work but rejects a job offer several times should have their employment cancelled. “citizen allowance and housing payments. Children deserve more money for their support than simple living communities.”

“Citizens' money is a crime against our children”

His harsh conclusion: “Now the sick, the elderly, families with children and the lazy are evaluated and classified equally. Citizens' money is a crime against our children. This federal government subsidizes everything possible and saves on what matters most: children. Finance Minister Lindner reduced the support from twelve billion euros to around two billion euros. A laughingstock,” says Siggelkow indignantly in the newspaper “Bild”.

In addition to citizens' money, Siggelkow also takes immigration policy into account in the interview. “Integration does not mean that we open our borders, let everyone in and then end organizations like 'Arche,'” Siggelkow said. His demand: “We must be able to guarantee the integration of refugees. This means putting them to work and giving them decent housing. Currently, municipalities are failing because of this.”

Siggelkow founded the “Arche” in Berlin in 1995. The organization is currently represented in 30 locations and offers homework help and games for children.