At the start of the Biathlon World Championships in Nove Mesto, Czech Republic, the German team is aiming for its first medal in the mixed relay. Justus Strelow, Philipp Nawrath, Vanessa Voigt and Franziska Preuß compete for the DSV in 4 x 6 kilometers. The race starting at 5:20 p.m. on the live ticker.

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The Biathlon World Cup 2024 in Joyn

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However, missing is two-time season winner Benedikt Doll, who recently had to take time off due to a cold and underwent surgery later. The big favorite for the first title is Norway.

Before the start of the title fights, the weather had caused big problems for the athletes and organizers. The excessively high temperatures and strong winds overloaded the course, so training was not possible on Monday. But the celebration of the World Cup is not in danger.