The growing enthusiasm for bringing groups together continues to ignite social media, whether it’s Without a doubt, The child of destinyOr NSYNC, who are all together again. However, Blink-182 reunion is not just an online chatter, but a reality that will soon become a reality.

Earlier Monday, September 18, the trio announced their upcoming album, One more time…, with a touching trailer. In the clip, the group explained the meaning of the project and discussed their career.

“The thing to understand about Blink-182 is that we didn’t come from happy homes. So Blink was a way for us to force happiness into the room,” said Tom DeLonge.

“‘One More Time’ is sort of written about why these disasters happen [me being in a plane crash or Mark being sick] for our group to get back together,” added Travis Barker.

Mark Hoppus added: “It’s the best album we’ve ever written. It’s because of the healing of this band, this music and this record that I literally cry on stage every night.

“Dating One More Time is [us saying that] This is the last time we’re going to screw this up,” DeLonge said.

You can watch the full album trailer below.

One more time… was released on 10/20 via Columbia. Find more information here.