boris Becker has started working with the young Danish tennis star after less than four months Holger Rune finished again. He was clear that as a coach he would have to be available to the 20-year-old “much more than I can. “Due to professional and private commitments, I cannot give Holger what he needs,” Becker wrote on X (formerly Twitter).

Rune had recently failed in the second round of the Australian Open, without Becker's direct support. The former Wimbledon winner worked from Germany for the Eurosport television network as an expert and co-commentator. But he communicated with Rune every day, he said later.

Becker returned to training in October after almost seven years. “I wish Holger all the best and will always be his biggest fan. “I really enjoyed this trip together,” Becker continued. At the beginning of Becker's career, Rune was ranked sixth in the world rankings and is currently ranked seventh.

As coach of record Grand Slam champion Novak Djokovic (36), Becker celebrated numerous successes between 2013 and 2016 and led the Serb back to the top of the ATP rankings.