David Cameron, Secretary of State for Britain, speaks during a meeting with Secretary of State Blinken at the US State Department on Tuesday.
Image: dpa

As Prime Minister, David Cameron unintentionally helped cause Brexit. As foreign minister, he now wants to restore Britain's reputation. At least he is spared a photo with Trump.

FIf diplomacy is understood as the ability to come to terms with the opposite of what one thought was right, then Baron Cameron of Chipping Norton has already collected all sorts of evidence that he is well equipped for his current position as British Foreign Secretary. The latest proof of this can be seen as his visit to American presidential candidate Donald Trump – a figure whose political proposals were “stupid” by Cameron in the past. Now he remained rather vague after the trip to Trump's estate in Florida and stated that “a number of important geopolitical issues” were discussed.

Cameron's ability to overcome himself is even greater when it is taken into account that just a few days earlier his worst – and most successful – political opponent, Nigel Farage, was also a guest at Mar-a-Lago. The person who won the Brexit referendum in 2016 with his exit campaign, which Cameron allowed in the mistaken belief that the majority of Brits would vote to remain in the EU.