The Denver Broncos looked poised to go 1-1 this season when they took a 21-3 first half lead at home against Sam Howell and the Washington Commanders. Instead, they found themselves down 11 in the fourth quarter after a complete collapse saw Washington go on a 32-3 run as the Broncos collapsed on both sides of the ball.

However, Russell Wilson and the Broncos offense came alive at the very end of the game, cutting the deficit to 8 and then finding a miracle in the form of a 50-yard Hail Mary in the final seconds that was knocked down Many times. before falling into the hands of rookie wide receiver Brandon Johnson to cut the lead to two.

It was a wild play with Tom Jackson shouting “KNOCK IT DOWN!” » ringing in the ears of anyone old enough to have watched NFL prime time. The good news for the Commanders secondary who botched their Hail Mary defense was that they had a second chance to hold on to a two-point try victory. Wilson attempted to find Courtland Sutton crossing the end zone to his right, but the pass was broken up by Benjamin St-Juste, who jumped over Sutton’s back to make the play – much to the dismay of Broncos fans who thought it should have been. pass interference.

It was certainly close to early contact, but by making a play on the ball he probably saved himself from the flag. It’s a brutal loss for the Broncos, who never should have needed late-game heroics in the first place. However, doing the hard part of the equation with the 50-yard bomb and not scoring from a few yards out on the two-point conversion only sprinkles a little extra salt in the wound of a 0 start to the season -2. .

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