As you know, Carmen and Robert Geiss live a luxurious life. Things can quickly become tense and the simplest things are forgotten. That's exactly what happened to jet-setting Carmen in the new episode of RTLZWEI's documentary “The Geissens – A Terribly Glamorous Family”. On the way to the pre-wedding party, the 58-year-old woman suddenly realizes that she is going to the bottom – and takes it with humor.

Carmen Geiss was horrified: “I'm not wearing underwear”

On the way to the wedding party in the big US city of New York, Robert is plagued by riots again. The fact that his wife Carmen still has to dress up for the upcoming party makes him nervous. “The driver will be here in a minute. Get down!” she urges her husband, who quickly applies lipstick.

Carmen finally makes it to the car in time, but when she gets there, she has to make an extremely unpleasant discovery. “You know what I forgot to wear in an emergency? You laugh your ass off. Underpants! “I don't wear underwear,” she admits to her husband, visibly amused by the little mishap.

Her husband Robert is at a loss for words

If his “Rooobert” can only shake his head at the situation, Carmen Geiss sees the whole thing more relaxed. “There's a bit of fresh air. “It's useful in old age,” the reality TV actress jokes, teasing her disgraced husband: “Other men would be happy and what do you do? You're putting me down again.”

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