After her divorce from professional soccer player Mats Hummels (35), the life of Cathy Hummels (36) has become very interesting for many. The influencer repeatedly presents himself in skimpy clothes or draws attention to himself with ambiguous statements. Now, in an interview with “Gala” magazine, he openly admits that he is looking for a partner. But a man next to Cathy Hummels needs one thing above all: endurance! The 36-year-old also reveals that she is no longer interested in online dating.

Cathy Hummels: “I'm not a woman for one-night stands”

Moderator Cathy Hummels is looking for a man who is serious – and has a good bond with her son Ludwig (6). “I'm not a woman for one-night stands,” the influencer told Gala magazine. “I need a man I feel comfortable with.” He also has to get along with his son, only then “will he even be allowed in the front door.”

However, he admits that it is not so easy: “Nothing like this happens overnight, it takes time.” So it would be some time before he could introduce the new partner to the public. The host is now officially single. However, she has often talked about her dating experiences in her Instagram posts and interviews. However, there was no potential new partner.

About a year and a quarter after her divorce from professional footballer Mats Hummels, the 36-year-old said of her experience with the dating app: “Mostly you write two or three times and that's it. I haven't been online for three months. I want to get to know someone in real life.” Cathy and Mats Hummels, who were a couple for 13 years and have a six-year-old son together, were suspected long before their divorce but only confirmed it after months of persistent rumours.

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