Remo Reichel, technical director of solvimus GmbH, published a controversial document on the business platform Linkedin. In it, Reichel expresses his sadness over the growing racism in his homeland. He recently lost a valuable employee because of this.

“Anyone who knows me knows that I tend to be reserved when it comes to political and social issues,” Reichel writes. “But yesterday it reached a point where I don't want to stay silent, I can't stay silent.”

A “valued employee” had told him “emotionally” the day before that he really enjoyed working for the company but had to resign. “He pulled the cord for him and his family,” Reichel writes. “The psychological pressure on him and especially on his wife and daughter due to his immigrant background was too great.”

Employees were exposed to insults almost daily

What especially frightened him was that even the employee's daughter was said to have been exposed to “racist hostility” “in daycare.”

“You stand there speechless and, even as an atheist, you drift away from your faith,” Reichel writes, “from your faith in humanity. “I'm shocked and sad.”

Their homeland could only grow if companies like solvimus GmbH could find “suitable personnel”. If, on the other hand, “valuable employees had to leave because their families are threatened,” entire companies would soon leave the region.

“And no, our valued employee didn't take any of his jobs away!” writes Reichel.

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