Ffor coaches Thomas Tuchel The Champions League clash against Arsenal FC is a “big test” and the possibility of a small compensation. “We have to go two steps further than our last appearances in the league in terms of tenacity, investment, willingness to suffer and to help and support each other,” Tuchel demanded before Tuesday's quarterfinal first leg (21 :00 hours / live on Prime Video and in the ticker FAZ) in London: “And if we do what we have done so far in the Champions League, we will be competitive.”

For Tuchel, who at the end of the season will have to leave FC Bayern, the disappointing season so far “is not yet lost” due to the last chance to win the title in the premier class. He is hopeful that his team played “at a very high level throughout” the Champions League. Offensive player Leroy Sané, who returned to the squad after his injury, also reiterated: “We told ourselves: especially now!”

“Above all this season we play against ourselves”

However, Tuchel also warned against Premier League leaders Arsenal FC. with the currently strong national player Kai Havertz. “The performance is very complete because Arsenal also defines itself as a team,” said the Bayern coach: “The team and the coach are a unit, that's how they play, it shows in every game. They currently dominate the most difficult league in the world, that speaks for itself.”

Arsenal are therefore “an extremely strong opponent,” said the 50-year-old, “but especially this season we also play against ourselves.” Therefore, the main task is to “show the best version of ourselves and show the best face. If we do that, we will be able to compete at the highest level.”

After the defeats in the Bundesliga against Borussia Dortmund (0-2) and against newcomer 1. FC Heidenheim (2:3) “Of course, there are better starting points,” said the Bayern coach, who did not want to dwell on the negative streak: “Then at some point it will be good and at some point it will be forgotten, nothing is older than yesterday's newspaper.” . and the soccer game the day before yesterday.”

Tuchel wants to defend his place in the German record champions with all his might until the summer. “We are going to take this to the end, that is what we agreed to and it is the best solution. We continue to maintain that,” Tuchel said when asked if an earlier separation than the one agreed in the summer would not have made more sense for everyone involved. “I'm old enough to be responsible for my decisions,” Tuchel said, “in the end it's just football.” He also doesn't know if a previous expulsion was even “up for debate and if I had much to say.” “One thing is for sure: “Stopping was not an option.”

“We can still save a lot”

Tuchel stressed that he gives “everything for the team I coach: I consider it a privilege to be able to do it at this level. I want to win and prove my worth at this level.”

national player Leroy Sane In turn, he hopes to clarify the conversations with FC Bayern in the near future, once his contract ends in 2025. “I'm not thinking much about it at the moment and I'm focused on the here and now. But my managers are in contact with the club, so things will get a little more intense in the coming weeks,” said the 28-year-old.

At the moment, their main concern is those who are sick. Bavaria “If we play good football again and win, we can still save a lot.” Personally, given his drought in front of goal, he also has “goals that I am trying to achieve. But the most important thing is that I play well and can help the team, whether with goals, assists or defensive work. I want to be able to say: Hey, I played well and I have a good feeling. That's what gives me the most.”

Sané has not scored for Munich since the end of October, also because he continued to have physical problems. More recently, a pubic bone injury slowed him down. “The pain was very extreme, very variable, sometimes when running, sometimes when shooting. But now everything has calmed down again.”


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