Champions League, round of 16

RB Leipzig-Real Madrid

National footballer Antonio Rüdiger has once again called for the return of former world champion Toni Kroos DFBrecruited team. “It's a European Championship at home, we want to have the best players there and currently I see Toni as one of our best Germans because he is also one of the best Real Madrid players at the moment,” said Kroos' Real Madrid colleague . in “Kicker” interview (Monday): “And if I can speak so openly and honestly: I think a lot of people think the same as me.”

In mid-December, Rüdiger (30) mentioned Kroos' reappearance in an interview and since then it has been publicly discussed. The national coach Julian Nagelsmann was also asked about this. “I opened a big barrel there,” the center back said with a smile, adding: “I stand by what I said 100 percent.”

Rüdiger revealed whether Kroos (34) is considering returning to the local tournament in the summer after 106 international matches so far. “He will make the decision for himself. No other Toni has to whisper in his ear every day.”

Either way: for Rüdiger, Kroos is already a football icon. “We are talking about a player who has been here at Real Madrid for ten years and who is still highly respected,” said the former Stuttgart player: “It has to be done first, it is an incredible achievement for me. .”

Rüdiger, who was injured this Tuesday due to a thigh injury in the first leg of the Champions League round of 16 (9:00 p.m./Prime Video). R.B. Leipzig He cannot play for Real Madrid, the German team is under pressure in the European Championship. “The last tournaments and the last two international matches were not good, that's why you have feelings of guilt in your head,” he said: “I'm sure, we will be prepared and we will give everything.”