RTLzwei's “Battle of the Reality Stars” regularly features heated arguments and unexpected twists. Now one of them has caused a lot of buzz: the former participant of “Germany's Next Top Model” Elsa Latifaj cheated on her boyfriend during the show. He then jumped to conclusions and ended the relationship with her in front of the cameras.

Elsa Latifaj teams up with Calvin Klein on 'Battle of the Reality Stars'.

Already at the beginning of the fifth season of “Battle of the Reality Stars”, available on RTLzwei and the streaming service RTL+, the closeness between Elsa Latifaj and her colleague Calvin Kleinen was revealed. The two obviously got along very well and didn't shy away from physical contact either. In the final episode of the show, which offers a lot to talk about, a couple of things step forward. After spending time in bed together, it becomes clear that there can be more than just cuddling.

Elsa Latifaj: “It's Just Over”

The problem with the whole situation: Elsa Latifaj is actually in a relationship. Therefore, their behavior does not only attract criticism from viewers, but also from other candidates. In particular, reality star Maurice Dziwak confronts Elsa Latifaj about her behavior. “You betrayed your friend. “You will lose face,” are the clear words he addresses to her.

This confrontation seems to have Elsa Latifaji thinking. In an interview after the fight, the woman admitted that she had made a mistake. She then makes a serious decision and ends her previous relationship on TV: “My boyfriend just doesn't deserve this. It's just over,” she explains.

This is how Calvin Kleinen reacts to Elsa's breakup

Her behavior and decision to end the relationship resonates with Calvin Kleinen. “Elsa has straightened herself up and put things in order,” she comments on the situation. Calvin Kleinen sees Elsa's decision not only as a respectful gesture, but also as a personal advantage, because she no longer has to torment her conscience.

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