Public trolling back and forth between bosses difficult ending Travis Kelce and Jets attacking player Aaron Rodgers It has been a topic of constant discussion. Since his interactions have largely been derived from Rodgers’ experience appearances in The Pat McAfee Showthe Chiefs tight end opted to take his final joyful swing at Rodgers in that direction.

Kelce addressed the criticism he and Rodgers have been throwing at each other, joking that “Tuesdays are their game days” currently.

“Aaron has always been kind to me,” Kelce said. JR Moehringer of the Wall Street Journal. “I knew he was trying to have fun. She is in a situation where Tuesdays are her game days…. So I get it, man, I’ve been hurt too… Who knows what the guy is going through?

Kelce took a bit of a high road with the comments, even while throwing a playful jab in the process. He banter between him and Rodgers There doesn’t seem to be a clear end in sight, although the Jets quarterback calling for a debate about the vaccine apparently cooled things down a bit.

For now.

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